Digital Procurement 4.0

The next generation in SAP Procurement, Web Shop like, compliant, embedded, connecting Buyers with Suppliers and Market Places


With more than 15 years experience in SAP Procurement. Delivering expertise and guidance to more than 60 business customers.


Add-On solutions designed for SAP Procurement. Leading in simplification, usability & technology.


Provisioning of Catalog Cloud Services for Buyers and Suppliers. SLA compliant.


Cloud Design following modern IT standards. Our strong development skills stand for the new digital system architecture.

Leading Technology

Catalog Cloud Services

Designed to fulfill the need for a Catalog Management System in SAP Procurement (SRM UI5, S4 Hana, MM). Taking as benchmark the most popular Web Shops in the internet.

Tail Management

Market Place Search

Spot-Buying with real-time catalog search on Market Places. Independent connections to various Market Places. Provisioning of a 1-Creditor Model.

Guided Buying

Dynamic Web Forms

Enabling complex purchases through Web Forms. Covering purchase request with Preferred Supplier, Services, Product Configuration, etc.

Digital Collaboration

Quotation Services

Price Request embedded in SAP, and communicated over the Cloud to suppliers. High efficiency due to integrated collaboration between buyers and suppliers, with simple approach to add proposed items into the Shopping Cart.

News & Press


9. BME e-LÖSUNGSTAGE 2018 (13. – 14.03.2018 in Düsseldorf)


BME Award “Excellence in eSolutions 2017”


Success Story – Beiersdorf AG


Screencast – SRM User Interface Add-On

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