Digitization of price requests in purchasing – supported by the search engine.


High compliance through networking all parties involved and automatic generation of documents.

Integration of suppliers

Efficient and easy collaboration with suppliers.

Simplified ordering  of quotes

No more system breaches. Quotes are published by suppliers in the cloud and can directly be added to the shopping cart by employee or buyer.


Often, only the demanding department rather than the purchasing department has the necessary information to make requests for a project, a product or a trade.  In order to shorten the process, it is possible to dispense with the involvement of purchasing if the inquiries do not exceed a specified value of goods.


A price form can be provided either through guided buying or via the cloud search engine. If the user is looking for e.g. SAP consulting, he must start the purchasing process via the price inquiry form.

Collaboration with suppliers

An employee or buyer sends a price request from the purchasing system to the supplier via Digital Procurement 4.0. The supplier can supplement the prices online and, if desired, also upload an attachment.


The employee will be informed by email as soon as an offer has arrived. He can confirm the offer at the touch of a button and convert it directly into a shopping cart. The order can thus be sent automatically to suppliers.

Price Inquiry, Embedded in the Cloud Search Engine