S/4 Procurement Hub

The successor of SAP SRM takes over many SRM functionalities and is multi-backend capable

Connecting to BeNeering Cloud

First customers are live with S/4HANA and BeNeering Catalog Cloud Services

SAP Fiori UI

The new front end in purchasing, based on HTML5

A digital transformation in SAP

SAP Procurement is being revolutionized. We support our customers with the digital transformation from SAP SRM, SAP MM into the new trend-setting system S/4HANA. In order to exploit the full potential of these scenarios we recommend the seamless integration of Catalog Cloud Services, Quotation Services and Dynamic Web Forms into SAP.

See the SAP statement on Future of SRM for further details.

Analyse the possibilities

Just about every company wishes to improve usability and automation in purchasing. They have to ask themselves: Which purchasing systems are currently in use, are there functionalities we want to gain and what potential does a switch to S/4 procurement offer?

Digital networking

S/4 Procurement pursues modern IT approaches to successfully network purchasing and suppliers.

Hybrid scenarios

S/4 Procurement allows the connection between SAP S/4HANA and BeNeering Cloud. Catalogs, search engine and quotation services remain in the cloud, while documents such as shopping cart and purchase order are generated directly in SAP and edited live on the backend system.


Customers with a SAP SRM installation can migrate to a S/4 Procurement (Hub) system and connect to the BeNeering Cloud.

Consulting & Implementation

BeNeering has experienced consultants with a strong focus on SAP Procurement who support you in migrating the existing purchasing system to the new S/4 Procurement System.

S/4 Compatibility Check

  • Analysis of the processes in the existing purchasing system
  • Function comparison to SAP SRM, SAP MM
  • Potential analysis for S/4 Procurement

Migration Service

  • Preparation of the migration plan and the implementation strategy
  • Supporting the migration of document data and master data
  • Development of additional functions
  • Testing and quality assurance
  • Cut-over, go-live & rollout of the new shopping solution