TCO under control

Thanks to innovative cloud architecture, the TCO under control

Service Provider

We are competence partner for the hosting of shopping catalogs


By embedding web shops and marketplaces in the search engine

Catalog Management System

Suppliers or purchasing department load article lists into the cloud. The system automatically validates these according to predefined rules. These are defined individually by the purchasing department or respective department and may include information such as department key, required fields, order units, mappings and other checks. A clear error log makes the correction easier for the supplier: The system writes all article data into an Excel file and marks errors (red) and warnings (yellow). The supplier corrects directly in the file and plays it back in the catalog cloud. The Catalog Cloud System provides significant benefits in the quality assurance of product data. Purchasing receives the validated data for technical examination and approval.

Publishing in real time

Once the catalogs are approved, they remain on the hosted server, as is customary in cloud solutions. For the supplier and the buyer, working in the cloud is completely transparent. Catalog data is immediately available to users after approval. The catalog view concept allows the assignment of catalogs for specific organizations; For example, employees in Germany only see catalog articles approved for Germany.