Guided Buying

User guidance based on predefined web form templates

Consolidation of suppliers

Preferred Supplier is cataloged and allows the requirement entry via web forms

Standardization in purchasing

Dynamic Web Forms supports complex configurations in the Web Form

Guided Buying

Dynamic Web Forms is installed on SAP NetWeaver / S4 HANA. This add-on provides Web-form-based demand recording that can be operated by any user through catalog search.


System-supported Guided Buying helps the user to correctly grasp the need for purchasing guidelines

  • Intuitive user guidance increases employee productivity
  • Web form design with many possibilities of form design
  • Complete implementation of the preferred supplier concept
  • Integration of existing SAP master data with SAP search tools and SAP enhancements
  • Fast adaptation of new Web Form templates

Example: Catering

Example: Preferred Supplier Bestellung

Added value for customers

Customers benefit from BeNeering Web Forms:

  • Standardized purchasing through individual web-based forms shortens the procurement cycles
  • Increased use of standardized purchasing processes relieves the purchasing department
  • Less shopping error due to new quality standard
  • Greater flexibility through integration into SRM UI5, S4 HANA, MM, PM (OCI5 compliant)
  • BeNeering Catalog Cloud Services can find content in Web Forms


Free text order via product group search, free text order via preferred supplier, business cards, company cars, catering, print jobs, configurable products, services, IT equipment etc.


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