Catalog Cloud Services

See our Podcast demonstrating our solution of Catalog Cloud Services and how this interacts with SAP SRM.

Supporting SRM UI5 Add-On and OCI5

Catalog Cloud Services follows best practice by taking the benchmark of the most popular Web Shops in the Internet. A smart product search is only possible if all products are published into the same search index (Cross-Catalog Search). The index is provided by the most popular, reliable and powerful search engine Apache SOLR.

CCS Upload and Validation

Business Requirement

  • SAP procurement solution with same user interface for catalogs and purchasing documents
  • A catalog provider shall be selected to simplify the catalog processes
  • Suppliers and Buyers collaborate on same plattform provisioning catalog content
  • Catalog files (Excel, CSV, BMECAT) need strong validation and data enrichment rules to comply with the SAP procurement system
  • Embedding Web Forms into the catalog buying process

Simplification of existing catalog plattforms:

  • Following Web Shop best practice, the SRM UI5 Add-On is the new User Interface for SAP Procurement (no additional catalog front-end needed)
  • Simplified Catalog & Content Management by provisioning catalog search in real-time for SRM UI5
  • Migration from OCI4 Catalog Front-End and Web-Shops to real cross catalog search in SRM UI5
  • Connecting Catalog Cloud Services reduces TCO

Catalog Cloud Services is a Content Management system supporting interfaces

  • SRM UI5 connection by Web Service or OCI5
  • OCI3 or OCI4 based catalog search still supported

See also our Cloud Search Engine as integrated into the Content Management of Catalog Cloud Services.