Search Engine SRM UI5

BeNeering’s Catalog Cloud Services provide a best-in-class intelligence and the backbone for catalog search in SAP SRM UI5. The search engine is based on Apache SOLR, a very powerfull and reliable search engine known from many applications in the internet. SRM UI5 is connected to Catalog Cloud by a SAP Certified Interface, which has been developed to give an outstanding support to the end user requeting products and Services.

See below screencast to see Apache SOLR features working in SRM UI5, as well as purchasing of service items with the support of Dynamic Web Forms.

Key Features:

  • Catalogs are loaded by buyers and suppliers into the Catalog Cloud
  • Catalog Agents are able downloading catalog data in background from Webshops
  • If requested, we are taking over the entire Management of your catalog suppliers
  • Query field is supporting auto-suggest functionality
  • Calculation of catalog filters in real-time (facetted search)
  • Boosting of core articles, specific suppliers, categories, etc. in the search result list is supported and can be configured differently for various organizations
  • Fuzzy logic with enhanced parameterization
  • Integration of Dynamic Web Forms into the search result list, where service procurement can be simplified significantly
  • Support and connection to Punch-Out Webshops
  • Support Product Relations
  • Support Scale Pricing
  • Support of multiple images and other attached documents
  • Multi-Language concept for every loaded catalog
  • Customer specific setup of the search engine