Catalog Cloud Services

White Paper

SAP SRM offers very deep integration between processes and system components, which is the typical strength of SAP. But usability was not in the focus till now. This is now subjects to change. Read this White Paper to understand the new approach, i.e. why SAP SRM goes for Web Shop Standards, and how Catalog Cloud Services (CCS) deliver the catalog part of it.

CCS offers benefits for the operation of procurement processes:

  • SAP SRM new User Interface is changing the focus – from 2 screen punch out shopping into single screen shopping, following the strength of Catalog Cloud Services and Web Shop’ Best Practise services
  • Supplier or Buyer can logon to the service for Uploading Catalog Content
  • Various file formats are supported, like BMEcat, CSV, Excel
  • The content is automatically validated before publishing the products into SAP’s new SRM Procurement platform
  • CCS supports full OCI5 for the connectivity to the new SAP SRM platform


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