Dynamic Web Forms

White Paper

Buying through static catalogs does not automatically imply the feasibility to specify the requirement in a more logical structure. For example, when ordering catering services, the user must enter building, room, date, time and number of people. These fields can be logically structured and built into a Web Form.

Dynamic Web Forms is an Add-On Solution for SAP NetWeaver, working in pure ABAP technology. This gives our customers the adventage to:

  • Build their own Web Forms, deeply integrated into SAP SRM or other SAP systems
  • Dynamic Web Forms can serve as the new front-end of the Search Engine, connecting to BeNeering’s Catalog Cloud Services
  • Support of OCI3, OCI4 and OCI5
  • Supporting new ‘Catalog Managed’ logic connecting the search result list of SAP SRM new User Interface with Punch-out Web Forms



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