Webinar 10. Nov. 2021

With the new Amazon Business integration within the BeNeering Cloud, significantly easier and faster purchasing processes are now possible in SAP. For this purpose, the e-procurement experts have integrated the entire Amazon Business range into the BeNeering Cloud via ABIS. Users can thus conveniently create a purchase requisition (BANF) directly with items from the Amazon Business range in a uniform and intuitive user interface – without any interruption in navigation. The result: jumping back and forth between different applications is eliminated, as is time-consuming navigation in the SAP GUI interface. Because BeNeering Cloud handles the BANF interface, item search, ordering process, and mapping to Amazon Business, it’s easy for users to operate. “To get a BANF up and running, all it takes now is a few clicks, because the BeNeering Cloud takes care of the rest of the procurement process,” says BeNeering CEO Christoph Moll.


In e-procurement, users often enough do not find the item they are looking for in the assortment negotiated by purchasing. In other words, the favored catalogs in Guided Buying do not always deliver what is needed. In this case, the Amazon Business integration of the BeNeering Cloud now also allows users to search for products in the Amazon Business assortment. In line with Amazon’s intelligent search algorithms, these are now also displayed. If the article searched for is found there, a purchase requisition can be triggered directly in SAP without having to change from the company’s own purchasing solution for this purpose. As soon as the product, whose price is listed B2B-conform in net, has been added to the shopping cart, the BeNeering Cloud takes over the mapping to SAP BANF in real time. This includes mapping the Amazon material group to the material group in the customer’s SAP system, as well as mapping the order unit and other fields, ensuring compatibility with the SAP system and SAP BANF. Christoph Moll: “To make the procurement process as fast and convenient as possible, complex processes run in the background. Once the BANF has been technically approved, it is automatically converted into an SAP purchase order and then sent to Amazon Business via the BeNeering Cloud. Here, the BeNeering Cloud handles the mapping of the SAP order to Amazon Business and thus the complex logic for the customer.”

The Amazon Business integration of the BeNeering Cloud also allows individual customizing of procurement guidelines and specifications. Since the Amazon items are managed by the customer’s purchasing department, the latter can also decide on the approval or blocking of merchandise groups or third-party suppliers. The users themselves only see the information relevant to them, as each customer (admin or purchasing) can configure the purchasing rules themselves in the Amazon Business Portal.

E-Procurement by BeNeering Cloud

The cloud solution developed by BeNeering integrates SAP business objects and SAP master data in real time without keeping them in two places. This simplifies the previously complex processes and ensures low total cost of ownership on the customer side. Since the core business logic around procurement and purchasing remains in the SAP system, there is no need to recreate the complex SAP logic and customizing in the cloud. “Instead of replicating SAP master data and SAP business objects such as purchase requisitions and purchase orders between the SAP systems at the client and the BeNeering Cloud, we visualize them directly in the cloud – well-organized and up-to-date in a user-friendly interface,” says Christoph Moll.

Amazon Business Look & Feel auf der BeNeering Cloud

E-procurement in SAP without interruption of navigation – The searched item appears in the hit list and in the shopping cart of the cloud.