Forms are built dynamically in runtime and guide the user through the complex requirement process.


Predefined material groups and suppliers allow free text orders without having to involve purchasing.


The procurement of services requires additional information in many respects, which can be provided via dynamic forms.

Example: Guided Buying Form

Guidance with Dynamic Forms

An intuitive user interface increases the productivity of the employees. Dynamic Forms can be individually adapted to customer requirements and users in the company. For example, essential questions are asked in the form to forward the user to an automatic sourcing process in the case of a free-text order or, in exceptional cases, directly to the purchaser. Both, suppliers and material groups, can be selected using integrated search helps.

Business value

  • Form-based purchasing processes can be easily found via the search engine
  • Web-based forms shorten procurement cycles and standardise purchasing
  • Reduction of the operative effort for the purchasing department
  • Fewer purchasing errors due to new quality standard
  • Greater flexibility through the integration of S/4HANA, MM, SRM, PM


  • Free text purchase order via preferred supplier (material group and supplier known)
  • Order of services
  • IT needs including services
  • Product configuration
  • Company car
  • Catering
  • Print jobs
  • Business cards
  • etc.
  • Services
  • IT equipment
  • etc.