Independent connection of marketplaces to the SAP purchasing solution

High Usability

by embedding the marketplace article search in the Cloud Search Engine

1-Creditor Model

Orders via the marketplace are processed via only one vendor in SAP.

Always find the best deal

The combination of self negotiated catalogs and catalog articles of the marketplace in the Cloud Search Engine expands the available assortment – without system break for the user.

Catalog Search

The comprehensive catalogue search offers the user preferentially the catalogue articles negotiated by purchasing. Alternatively, marketplace articles are also displayed to the user. All articles can be ordered with one click without having to leave the system.


Access to marketplaces and the catalogues negotiated by the purchasing department opens up a new possibility for price optimisation, which allows savings potential of up to 10%.

Integrated Orders

The user no longer has to place the order on the marketplace, but directly in SAP via the Cloud Search Engine made available to him.


Since all orders – including marketplace orders – are dispatched via the SAP system, the entire process is audit-compliant and compliant.