Reduce costs and increase productivity in service purchasing with two key components:


The procurement of services presents companies with various challenges:

  • Versatility: Firstly, the wide range of services is a significant issue. It is important to find suitable providers for recurring, standardized services as well as for one-off, specialized projects.
  • Assessment: Secondly, the intangible nature of services makes it difficult to make a precise assessment before concluding a contract.
  • Management and control: Thirdly, the production and provision of services is often closely linked, which requires active management and control.

Effectiveness and efficiency are two decisive factors in service procurement:

Effectiveness means procuring the right services that meet the company’s objectives and requirements. Efficiency stands for the optimal use of resources in order to achieve the desired results.

The effective and efficient procurement of services is central to the success of companies. It not only enables cost savings, but also allows companies to focus on core competencies, improve service quality and increase competitiveness. To meet these challenges and fully exploit the potential, BeNeering offers solutions that make service procurement effective and efficient. Discover the BeNeering solutions and improve your service procurement. Click on one of the following teasers to find out more.


Ensure effectiveness with highly flexible service PO


A well-functioning procurement process for services is a success factor for companies. An excellent service procurement process not only highlights the efficiency of purchasing, but can also lead to a considerable reduction in costs. BeNeering Service Procurement Solutions pursue precisely this goal.

But first: What characterizes an excellent process? Let’s take a look at the five most important principles for process excellence:

  • Customer focus: the needs and requirements of internal and external customers should always take center stage.
  • Process understanding: A deep understanding of the processes for the different types of services is essential. This means that users must know and understand the individual steps, their interrelationships and their strategic importance and impact on the overall result.
  • Continuous improvement: An excellent process is never finished. It is about continuously looking for opportunities for improvement and implementing them.
  • Leadership and commitment: Managers must actively manage the process and encourage their teams to continuously improve.
  • Measurability: An excellent process is measurable and delivers clear, quantifiable results.

How can these principles be applied to the procurement of services?

Customer centricity in service procurement means clearly defining what services are needed and what is expected of them. This includes communicating these requirements effectively and efficiently to suppliers.

Process understanding can be achieved by closely analyzing your current procurement processes. Identify weaknesses and opportunities for optimization.

Continuous improvement in service purchasing can be achieved through regular reviews and adjustments to processes. Use feedback from suppliers and internal stakeholders to identify opportunities for improvement.

Leadership and commitment in service procurement means having a clear vision for the procurement process and following it consistently.

Measurability in the procurement of services can be achieved by defining clear key performance indicators. Performance must be measured regularly and processes adapted accordingly.

BeNeering Service Procurement Solutions can help to implement these principles and optimize service procurement. Click on one of the teasers to find out more. Take the first step towards an excellent service procurement process and increase the efficiency and profitability of your purchasing.


Reduce your costs by service entry with two options.


Choosing the right service procurement solution can play a crucial role in optimizing service purchasing. However, it is important that the user knows exactly what requirements such software should fulfill in order to ensure that it offers the company maximum benefit. Five key aspects should be considered:

  • Supporting the principles of process excellence: a good service procurement solution should support the principles of process excellence. This means that it should electronically support and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of procurement processes in order to increase the quality of services and reduce costs. It is important that the software is flexible enough to adapt to the specific processes and not the other way around.
  • Usability: Good user-friendliness is crucial for the success of service procurement software. It should be intuitive and easy to use so that the procurement team can use it effectively. The software should have a clear and concise user interface and offer support.
  • Integration into the ERP system: The integration of the procurement solution into your existing ERP system (for example SAP S/4HANA) is another important factor. Seamless integration allows you to exchange data between the systems, giving you a unified overview of your service purchases.
  • Comprehensiveness: A good service procurement software should be able to cover a wide range of service types. From the procurement of IT services to cleaning services and consulting services, the software should support all types of services your company needs. Make sure that the software is flexible enough to add new types of services. Ideally, all procured services are mapped in your ERP (SAP) system.
  • Cost efficiency: Finally, the software should offer good value for money. Include both the acquisition costs and the ongoing costs for maintenance, updates and support in the contract. Cost-efficient software can help you reduce your operating costs and increase your profitability.

BeNeering Service Procurement Solutions meet all these requirements and can help you optimize your service procurement. They offer support for the principles of process excellence, ease of use, seamless integration with your ERP system, holistic support for different types of services and value for money.

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