A high level of user-friendliness and cost optimization through the combination of

GUIDED BUYING A high level of user-friendliness and cost optimization through the combination of search engine catalog management Dynamic Forms B2B marketplace integration Catalog Agent


Guided Buying is an innovative approach to optimizing procurement processes. Users, purchasing guidelines, approval processes and preferred suppliers are brought together in a user-friendly platform.

The aim is to make the purchasing process more efficient and transparent. By using Guided Buying, the right products and services are sourced from preferred suppliers at the best price.

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Search Engine

Combine performance with usability with the search engine.

Material Group AI

The use of AI-supported product group allocation saves users time and effort.

Dynamic Forms

Let us customize your Dynamic Forms to your individual needs and users


When it comes to optimizing your purchasing processes and increasing efficiency in your company, Guided Buying is an attractive option. Purchasing processes are simplified and valuable data for process optimization is provided at the same time. The advantages at a glance:

  1. Simplification of the purchasing process: the purchasing process becomes simpler and more intuitive. It is designed to help users find and purchase the right products or services quickly and efficiently.
  2. Improve compliance: Purchasing processes can be better controlled and ensure that all purchasing processes comply with company policies.
  3. Reduce Maverick Buying: One of the most powerful features of Guided Buying is its role as a “Maverick Buying Minimizer”. The system directs users to approved products and services and significantly reduces maverick buying.
  4. Cost savings: You can reduce costs. Users are guided to buy from preferred suppliers, resulting in better prices and conditions.
  5. Improve data quality: You can collect better purchasing data. This can help you to further optimize your purchasing strategy.
  6. Increase user satisfaction: Purchasing becomes easier and more intuitive. This can lead to higher user satisfaction.
  7. Shortening order cycles: Order cycles can be shortened thanks to the more efficient purchasing process.
  8. Improving supplier relationships: Your relationships with suppliers can improve. You can ensure that you purchase from your preferred suppliers and that these suppliers achieve more volume through the guided process.
  9. Increased transparency: Transparency in the purchasing process is increased. It becomes clear who buys what and when.
  10. Supporting digital transformation: Guided Buying is an important step towards optimizing purchasing processes.

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Guided Buying by BeNeering is an innovative tool that can significantly increase the efficiency of your purchasing processes. It simplifies the purchasing process through the use of artificial intelligence (e.g. when finding product groups and assigning them to preferred suppliers) and intuitive user interfaces that enable fast and error-free ordering in your ERP system.

  1. Usability: Users receive intuitive user interfaces and clear instructions. This means that implementation can be carried out without extensive training or a high level of IT knowledge. This reduces the time required to process orders and increases user satisfaction.
  2. Flexibility: Purchasing benefits from highly customizable solutions for their specific requirements. This enables effective adaptation to existing or desired special target processes. New functions can be added at any time.
  3. Integration: Seamless integration into existing ERP systems such as SAP S/4HANA is another plus point. This ensures that data is consistent and secure by integrating the existing system landscape without data disruptions.
  4. Data quality: The use of AI ensures high data quality. Missing, inconsistent or incorrect data can thus be avoided and the accuracy of orders increased.
  5. Support and maintenance: Another success factor is the professional support and regular maintenance of the system.

Discover how Guided Buying by BeNeering can optimize your purchasing processes. Click on the teasers to find out more and discover the benefits for your company.

Catalog Agents

Save time administering your master data with the Catalog Agent.

Catalog Management

Get an ideal combination of automation and service with catalog management.

Marktplatz Integration

Expand your product range with the B2B marketplace integration.