"My Cart" - the new Front-End

The new Purchase Requisition

My Cart is the new front end for the MM Purchase Requisition, regardless of whether the backend is SAP S/4HANA, SAP ECC, SAP SRM or even non-SAP.

Next generation procurement

S/4HANA Procurement

SAP Procurement is being revolutionized. We support our customers with the digital transformation from SAP SRM and SAP MM to the new S/4HANA system.

Hybrid Cloud

BeNeering Cloud focuses on the connection to SAP S/4 Procurement. This means that catalogs, search engine and price requests remain in the cloud, while the actual documents such as requisitions and purchase orders are created directly in SAP and processed live.

S/4 Central Procurement (Hub)

The successor product to SAP SRM takes over many SRM functions and is multi-backend capable. With BeNeering Real-Time Procurement, the user is offered guided buying, which increases both the usability and the efficiency of the processes.

Multi-Backend Architecture


BeNeering Real-Time Procurement Cloud is also available for SAP ECC systems with full functionality. This means that a transition to S/4HANA Procurement can be made at a later point in time without any noticeable difference for the user.

Document Flow in SAP

SAP ERP remains the leader in creating the purchase requisition, purchase order, goods receipt and invoice. BeNeering “My Cart” is the new front-end to systematically support users in Guided Buying and in the creation of the purchase requisition.

Access to Master Data

The tedious and error-prone replication of master data from the ERP to the cloud can be eliminated. BeNeering Cloud has direct access to master data in the ERP, such as searching for suppliers and cost centers.

Transition from SRM to S/4HANA


SAP SRM is a component of SAP Business Suite, which will run from maintenance in 2027. To make the transition to S/4HANA easier for our customers, we offer an early migration strategy via the BeNeering Cloud.

Upgradeability Analysis

Almost every company would like to see an improvement in usability and automation in purchasing. How do you reach your goal? Which purchasing systems are in use, which functionalities will be required in the future and what potential does the BeNeering Real-Time Procurement Cloud offer?

Phase Model SRM

To manage the change from SRM to S/4HANA, a migration strategy using a phase model is required. Customers with SAP SRM can already be connected to the BeNeering Cloud now, and switch to S/4 Procurement at a later date.

3rd Party ERP

Local Szenario

If non-SAP systems are to be connected to the BeNeering Cloud, we also offer BeNeering Real-Time Procurement as a local scenario. The documents are posted directly in the cloud and only transferred to a backend system (ERP) after approval.

Heterogeneous system landscape

In larger companies which have grown historically through acquisitions, there is often a broader variety of administrative systems. An integration into a central ERP is not always so easy and not easily possible in all countries.


To enable smaller companies with non-SAP systems to be connected to the central Guided Buying of the BeNeering Cloud, we also offer “My Cart” as a standalone solution. My Cart documents can be transferred from the cloud to a 3rd party ERP via email or other interfaces.