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Here you will find the appropriate answers to frequently asked questions about our cloud solutions. However, if there should still be any questions left unanswered, we look forward to addressing those as well.
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Interested in learning more about MyCart – the smart Maverick Buying Killer?
Curious about how Automated SAP Ordering can boost your procurement efficiency?
Looking to flexibly map all types of service orders in your SAP system?
Do you want to keep two options open for performance tracking, either through your service providers or internally?
Do you want to take your SAP MM system online and send price requests quickly and easily over the network?
Do you want to finally have an easy-to-generate price comparison report and quickly place orders in SAP?
Do you want to know how Artificial Intelligence can assist in material group identification?
Do you also have inventory-managed materials and wish to procure them digitally?
Would you like to learn how your supplier can quickly and easily create and provide quotations to you online through their portal?
Enhance your procurement with our smart search engine
Would you like to gain more insights into our intelligent confirmation system?
Effortlessly manage your procurement sources with Catalog Management
Do you want dynamically customizable forms to streamline your procurement process?
Integrate B2B marketplaces seamlessly
Catalog agents help optimize your procurement process