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Cloud Search

Search engine in the cloud as the key to purchasing success

Guided Buying

Embedded in the SAP purchasing system “SRM UI5 and S4 Hana” without system breakage for the user

More Performance

Performance boosted by Apache SOLR, the renowned and high performing search engine

Guided Buying

Connecting a cloud search engine to your own ERP system (e.g. SAP S/4HANA or SAP S/4 Procurement Hub, SAP SRM with UI5, Oracle iPro, etc.) greatly improves usability, as goods and services from different purchasing channels can be ordered within one interface. This is also referred to as a hybrid solution with Guided Buying, in which the local SAP is coupled with a cloud. Such a solution promotes user guidance through the intelligent system, without having to involve the purchasing department in every ordering process. This not only relieves the purchasing department, but also increases employee satisfaction.

Apache SOLR

A high-performance search engine based on Apache SOLR is working in the background, tailored to the needs of our customers. The article data is indexed by the search engine and remains in the cloud. Due to this architecture and the use of compressed file formats, the Catalog Cloud provides users with considerable speed advantages: The performance of the system plays a significant role, especially in the integration of large web shops and marketplaces with several 100,000 or even millions of articles.

Connection of the Cloud Search Engine

Our catalogue search engine in the cloud (Cloud Search Engine) forms, in connection with a modern search interface (HTML5), the new shopping experience in SAP. The user quickly finds his way around because the presentation and handling are modelled after the familiar functionality of prominent web shops. Catalog articles as well as web forms can easily be placed in the shopping cart. The embedded integration into the SAP SRM or SAP S/4HANA system eliminates the need for a punch-out into the supplier’s catalog.

Other modules and purchasing solutions such as SAP MM, SAP PM, Oracle iProcurement, etc. can also be connected to the catalog system via the OCI4 interface.

Main features

  • Search field supports Auto-Complete function
  • Catalog filter in real time (facet search)
  • Boosting of the core assortment, selected suppliers, categories etc. in the search result list; can be configured individually for different organizations
  • Fuzzy logic with extended parameterization
  • Integration of web forms in the search results list, which can significantly simplify the ordering of services and configurable products
  • Integration of preferred supplier lists
  • Support of product relations
  • Support of price scales
  • Support for images and document attachments
  • Connection of punch-out webshops
  • Multi-language concept
  • Customer-specific configuration of the search engine
  • Users can manage favorites in the interface of the BeNeering solution
  • Users can manage their own shopping cart templates in the interface of the BeNeering solution

Catalog search in UI5

The Cloud Search Engine offers best-in-class intelligence and the backbone to the UI5 of the SAP environment. Via a catalog interface which has been designed especially by BeNeering and certified by SAP, the user is intuitively guided through the catalog search in the SAP system via the UI5 connection – without system breakage.

The screencast shows the most important search functions as well as the ordering of more complex services via Dynamic Web Forms.