Many procurement organizations currently prioritize stronger strategic orientation and increased automation in order generation. Crucial success factors for Purchase Requisition(s) include intuitive designs, intelligent workflows, and quality catalog content for seamless order processing.


A purchase requisition (abbreviated as “PR”) is a request to purchasing to obtain a material or service in a specific quantity at a specific time.


The term “demand processing” or “requirements processing” refers to the activity of the buyer to adjust the different needs and assign them to the sources of supply.


The purchase position consists of header data, an overview of the positions (“position overview”), and one or more positions. A position is assigned to one of the following procurement types:

  • Normal 
  • Job processing
  • Consignment
  • Transfer
  • Service

material to be delivered, or the quantity and unit of the service to be provided. For positions that are awarded to job processing, the material components to be provided can be specified for each delivery date.The position of the procurement type service can contain a service specification or alternatively limits. The service specifications can be divided into several levels of hierarchy. The service lines specify the ordered quantity, unit, and date. For service positions that cannot be specified precisely, value limits are specified instead of service lines. If services are requested from contracts, the value limit may refer to the specific contract. The costs incurred can be distributed to various controlling objects such as cost centers and PSP elements by means of allocation. A purchase requisition can be processed by means of orders or framework agreements. It is an internal document that is not used outside the company.

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Header data, data from the position overview, and details of the positions can be maintained on a central screen. The three screen areas can be opened and closed and their display size can be varied. This eliminates the need to “jump” between different screens and edit an entry screen. In the same screen, you can switch between “Create”, “Change” and “Display” if the appropriate authorizations are available.


As soon as the purchase requisition (PR) is created or generated, depending on the workflow settings of the system, it can be converted directly into a purchase order. If it is a free-text PR, it lands in the buyer’s work queue for inquiries. Catalog positions are converted directly into purchase orders by the buyer or automatically via batch.


The following apps are available for needs processing, among others:

Fiori AppDescriptionBenefitsFurther informations
Create Purchase Requisition - AdvancedCreate, display and maintain purchase requisitionsEnsure availability of positions (at desired quantity and location)Read more
Manage Purchase Requisitions - ProfessionalCreate, display, maintain and edit purchase requisitionsEnsure availability of positions (at desired quantity and location)Read more
Mass Changes to Purchase RequisitionsChange fields of multiple purchase requisitions simultaneouslySave time in making changesRead more
Monitor Mass Changes to Purchase RequisitionsMonitor jobs created and scheduled with the "Mass Changes to Purchase Requisitions" appCreate transparencyRead more
Purchase RequisitionDisplay an overview of purchase requisition dataCreate transparencyRead more
Purchase Requisition ItemDisplay an overview of purchase requisition item dataCreate transparencyRead more
Purchase Requisition Items by Account AssignmentDisplay purchase requisition items by account assignmentCreate transparencyRead more
Monitor Purchase Requisition ItemsDisplay and navigate through purchase requisition itemsCreate transparency and save timeRead more
Confirm Goods ReceiptSelect relevant purchase requisition items for goods receiptCreate transparencyRead more
Schedule Transfer of Purchase Requisitions for Intelligent ApprovalSchedule jobs to transfer approval data for purchase requisitions from SAP S/4HANA to SAP Cloud PlatformSave timeRead more
Edit and Approve Purchase RequisitionsApprovers can edit certain data before approvalSave time, ensure complianceRead more

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Automatically create purchase orders from purchase requisitions

Exciting for procurement is the ability to automatically create purchase orders from purchase requisitions. After selecting various criteria (e.g. “by purchasing group” and “by framework agreement”), the purchaser can start the job to create purchase orders from the purchase requisitions with the selected criteria.


Compared to processing with SAP ERP, material requirements planning in S/4HANA has the following advantages:

  • Dynamic search and filtering
  • Automatic suggestions during search
  • Ability to change search criteria within the same screen
  • Automatic suggestions of info records and framework agreements
  • Direct creation of purchase orders

Approvers are notified of new work items through the SAP Fiori Launchpad. If necessary, email notifications can also be configured to be sent to the approvers. Requesters can also receive email notifications when their purchase requisitions are approved or rejected.

Flexible workflow for purchase requisitions

By default, the system is configured to automatically release all purchase requisitions. If this is not desired, the flexible workflow for purchase requisitions must be configured. The flexible workflow is a cross-application function that enables workflows based on predefined conditions to be set up. Processes with single- or multi-level approval of purchase requisitions can be defined. Approvers can approve or reject their “work items” in the “My Inbox” app, with two options available:

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